Happy People Die Younger Than Their Peers Downbeat

Happy People Die Younger Than Their Peers Downbeat

Happy People Die Younger Than Their Peers Downbeat


People who are “too happy” to die younger than their more pessimistic peers, new research claims.

The study, which followed 1,920 children to the elderly by age showed that people who were classified as “very happy” to school teachers died of a younger age than their classmates more reserved.

Being gay – at inappropriate times – can also provoke anger in others, increasing the risk of injury.

This is because the people who were satisfied were more likely to suffer from mental disorders such as bipolar, making them less fearful and are likely to take risks, more opportunities for a fatal accident.

And magazine articles that offer tips on how to be happy because of the worsening of depression.

The survey then asked participants to read an article that suggests ways to improve your mood and follow the advice to see how it was.

Researchers at several universities around the world also found that the test is difficult to be happy in the end, often leaving people feel more depressed than before to put work and improve your mood is often left people feeling cheated.

This means that when the film was finished, they often felt angry and cheated by the boards, put them in a worse mood than when they began to see.

However, the results of the study published in the journal Perspectives on Psychological Science, showed that the key to true happiness was much more simple: meaningful relationships with friends and family.

Participants then took the advice it offers – like watching a movie optimist – often concentrate hard to try to improve her mood to lift naturally.

Study co-author Professor June Gruber, department of psychology at Yale University in the United States, said some people who tried to be happy: “When done with the motivation or the expectation that these things that make you happy which can lead to disappointment and happiness decreases.

“The most powerful predictor of happiness is not money, or recognition beyond the success or fame. It is important that social relations.”

“If there is anything that will focus on, focus on that. All the others are like her.”

He added: “This means that the best way to increase happiness must be stopped without worrying about being happy and instead transfer the energy to cultivate social ties they have with other people.

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